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Good evening,
Writing to you with a request of assistance please: to celebrate the tenth chapter of our fanfic (Zootopia: If It Ever Happens on, we are planning to hold a small fanart/fanfic competition among Zootopia fans. One winner will be picked, because we want to offer a real prize (one Zootopia Infinity 3.0 figurine, the winner will choose the one he or she prefers). is not the platform that is best suited for announcing a contest – one can only mention the competition in the author’s note at the beginning of a new chapter.

Therefore, would it be possible for you to help us spread word about the contest by placing an announcement on your page please? The announcement is given below; it is to be posted next Monday, on the 25th of July. Thank you very much for your help!


Dear friends,

Time to celebrate the world of Zootopia and salute its fandom – plus, mark the publication of chapter ten of our fanfic ‘Zootopia: If It Ever Happens’ – by holding a small contest. Hopefully you will all enjoy yourselves; maybe this will be a kind of tradition for every ten chapters we put up! It amm depends on how this first try goes.

So here are the rules!

-- We are setting very loose limits so far as the subject and medium go. Fanart of any kind is accepted, fanfiction also (though please make any stories shorter than novel-standard so that we can get through them in a reasonable time), poetry, sewing, music, cosplay, knitting… you get it.
* A note about fanfiction – if you feel like writing something in a language other than English, we will do our best to judge your work fairly. We can at least promise you that we are capable of assessing work submitted in the following languages: English, French, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, German, and Mandarin. If you have another language in mind, get back to us and we’ll see what we can do!
-- The main criteria will be originality. So let’s avoid copy-pasting stills from the film without changing them – but if you are not a great artist but feel like making a creative collage or comic using stills from the movie, that’s great! Let your creativity run free.
-- The one and only demand – has to be Zootopia-related. OCs accepted, humans in Zootopia accepted, crossovers accepted, another age and time in Zootopia accepted – but no random animal art that is claimed to be Zootopia-related.
-- Strictly PG-rated please.
-- Any work submitted does not have to be made specifically for the contest. If you feel like one of your earlier works fits the bill, feel free to submit it!
-- A single person can submit any number of entries.
-- Stealing other people’s work is absolutely prohibited. We are quite good at tracking things down. Be warned, immediate disqualification for plagiarism.
-- Please feel free to include a note detailing when your work was completed approximately (so we can check that it is not stolen) and giving any details you feel relevant (especially for OCs.)

The contest opens July 25th and runs for six weeks, last day to submit entries will be September the 5th. Once closed for entries, the jury (aka author and beta of Zootopia: If It Ever Happens) will deliberate for a couple of days over the entries and select the winner. This winner will be announced by September the 9th.

We have decided to only select one winner because we would like to offer a real prize – one Zootopia Infinity 3.0 figurine of the winner’s choice will be shipped to the lucky guy or gal! Shipping wil be handled via amazon, and there is absolutely no preference or discrimination as to where the participants are from. Provided amazon can ship parcels to your place, we’re good! If not, we will search for a solution. But they handle most locations pretty well, so we should be good :)

If only one person enters the contest, that person will be the winner :) If no one enters, authors will keep the figurines for themselves :) :)

We wish we could offer a prize to everyone who enters! We will be asking all of the main Zootopia fandom sites to feature all of the participants’ work though, with references, so that will be a small consolation prize! We are also addressing them currently to help us spread word of the competition. Please feel free to share with friends and reblog!

-- How to enter: easy! After completing your work, send it in to the following dedicated inbox:

We will send a small confirmation in reply. If you do not received a confirmation within a couple of days, get back to us.

Any questions you may have – same email address.

Good luck everyone! We look forward to receiving your entries!

Enjoy your summer :)

-- ChezIBY
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PBJArts Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Hi there. There's this image… that has been posted in your group which has nothing to do with Zootopia and it's spreading offensiveness. Please remove from the group submissions. Thank you.
Juliusrabbito Featured By Owner Edited Jun 5, 2017
jut wondering why is this allowed? is not zootopia and seems to be trolling

tp://www.deviantart. com/deviation/684816441
StarWisherMidnight Featured By Owner Edited May 3, 2017  Student Artist
I'm not sure if self-promoting is allowed on the page.  If it is, I'm letting people know I'm doing quick sketch commissions to take in funds for a new computer.

You can view the journal details here:
If I were to offer commissions...

Again, if self-promoting is not allowed, PLEASE admins delete my comment from here. You have my permission and I completely understand perfectly in you doing so.

If I get commissioners, I thank thee so much for the help!!!
StarWisherMidnight Featured By Owner Edited May 2, 2017  Student Artist
This is not Zootopia art…

It does not say Zootopia, it does not have Zootopia, it doesn't hash tag with Zootopia. There is nothing in connection with Zootopia in this art.

Please someone from the admins remove this from the featured gallery. It does not belong in there.

EDIT: It seems I have to repeat myself, please remove this art as it has nothing to do with Zootopia:

What happens when you mix Star Wars with Moana
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May I join your group??
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Not trying to promote anything here (If I am, I apologize) but Zootopia got nominated for Favorite Animated Movie at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards! Be sure to vote for Zootopia before March 11 so it can win!
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